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A Journey of Enlightenment and Wisdom

In the realm of Serpentine, we find,

A gem of wisdom, gentle and kind.

Its healing touch, the soul it frees,

Unlocking secrets with graceful ease.

Serpentine, a gift to mental clarity, lends,

A soothing balm to our frazzled minds it sends.

In stress and anxiety, its gentle embrace,

Heals emotional wounds and leaves no trace.

Boosting energy, it renews vitality's flame,

Fatigue and exhaustion help us reclaim.

Detoxification, digestion, benefits untold,

In Serpentine's aura, we find ourselves enfold.

Fertility's embrace, a promise it holds,

The sacred connection, its story unfolds.

Spiritual realms, it dares to explore,

Awakening wisdom, forevermore.

In meditation's embrace, it takes a seat,

Guiding the mind to a tranquil retreat.

Chakras aligned in harmonious grace,

Freeing the spirit in an ethereal chase.

Heart and Solar Plexus, it gently tends,

In these sacred spaces, its energy blends.

Transformative essence, a psychic gateway,

Kundalini's fire helps to convey.

A spiritual stone, an enlightenment's birth,

Serpentine connects our spirits to the Earth.

In its gentle presence, our souls take flight,

A gem of beauty, wisdom, and pure light.

PICTURES BY: Artur-sibul-Pexels and Damir-Pexels

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