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A purified rain shower

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

It is finally raining where I am. We had a warm and dry spring; rain was absent since the snow melted back in April. When I see a cloudy day and hear the rain fall, it reminds me of the cleansing properties and the benefits the water element provides us.

Water purifies and nurtures; it is about creation, fertility and emotion; the moon and its phases also influence it; It represents the subconscious mind, creativity, sensuality, and feminine energy.

The stillness of water teaches us to be present. The current tells us to let go, and when it is in motion, it suggests that it is ok to go with the flow; water purifies; it symbolizes transformation as it adapts to any shape; it reminds us to be open to change.

When you feel emotionally overwhelmed, fearful of judgment, repressed, and losing creativity, there may be an unbalance of the element of water.

You can connect with water quickly, blessing the water when showering or washing your hands and asking the universe with the intention that the water's divine essence nurtures your body and soul to help you release any emotions that bother you.

If you don't mind getting wet, take advantage of a rainy day. Walking under the rain will not only connect and bring balance to your water element. But will help you to wash out any energy or emotion you need to let go of.

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