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A Timeless Wisdom's Truth

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Lapis Lazuli, a stone of wisdom's radiant grace,

Guiding us through the practical in every space.

With intellect and knowledge, it does inspire,

Stirring our hearts' desire to reach ever higher.

A truth-bearing gem, honesty it does implore,

In speech and spirit, it opens the door.

Friendship and harmony it brings in its wake,

In tempestuous relationships, it soothes the heartache.

Against migraines' grip, it takes a bold stand,

Nurturing the brain like a loving hand.

With attention's needs, it may provide,

Relief for minds that, restless, collide.

In energy's dance, it holds a place,

Balancing chakras, with its healing grace.

Within the throat, it reveals the core,

Unleashing truth, opening wisdom's door.

A stone of self-awareness, truth, and grace,

It shines light upon the hidden space.

Unveiling repressed emotions, without a doubt,

Fostering compassion, within and without.

Lapis Lazuli, an ancient spiritual guide,

For wisdom and power, by our side.

Through the stress and tumult of life's grand scheme,

It offers serenity and the chance to dream.

Upon the Third Eye, it expands our sight,

Intuitive wisdom, a beacon of light.

In our spiritual journeys, it's a steadfast friend,

Guiding, protecting, until the very end.

Photo By: Engin- Akyurt- Unsplash

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