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Are you connected?

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

It is not easy to be focused and present if your mind is all over the place. Do you feel like you have lost interest in things and live on autopilot? Do you feel like you are always searching for something but don't know what it is? That's most likely because you are not grounded and have lost contact with nature.

Anchoring yourself with the Earth revitalizes, neutralizes, energizes you and absorbs anything you want to release; it also brings you to the present moment and connects you with your essence.

We are one, and simultaneously, we are part of everything, especially part of Mother Earth; she is not just our home. She is a living being providing everything we need. She constantly evolves; we must learn how to grow and evolve with her.

How do we do that?

Connecting with her, feeling her, respecting her, being grateful for its wonders and integrating her as part of our life.

Stop the rush of the day and take a few minutes for yourself, go out and find a park, walk barefoot, feel the grass on the soles of your feet, the Earth in your hands, the wind on your face, observe nature, the birds, the trees, you will see how after minutes of being outdoors it will bring you here, and now, it will anchor you.

If going out is not an option, imagine your favourite place outdoors; Begin by introducing yourself to Mother Earth and thank her for everything she has given you and for allowing you to be here. Set your intention; Then imagine golden roots coming from your feet and reaching the Earth's center. Feel the energy of the heart of mother earth ascending through these roots, revitalizing your body, illuminating your being towards your head and that the same light reaches the sky and beyond, connecting the Earth with the universe. Now imagine the brightest and most radiant light coming from the universe towards you, covering and bathing you with purifying and protective energy.

You will notice that by anchoring yourself to the Earth, your mind is no longer scattered, the rush of the day becomes calm, and you will feel that you belong here and that there is nothing more important than being present; this is a reciprocal act with the Earth, besides it is the purest and most natural way to balance and clean your energy.

Illustration by Salmon Studio

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