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Bridging Worlds, Uplifting Souls

In the heart of Apophyllite's gleaming light,

A resonator clear, connecting realms so bright.

It labours to release what burdens the soul,

With heart and mind entwined, it makes us whole.

A seer of the hidden, psychic powers untold,

From visions to clairvoyance, its mysteries unfold.

As a healer, it eases stress's heavy weight,

Breathing free as winds, asthma's captive state.

Bid adieu to thoughts that drag and pull,

Welcome, then, the vibes of a tranquil soul.

Apophyllite, the path to enlightenment starts,

Guiding us to clarity with wisdom from the heart.

Cleanser of darkness, it reaches deep within,

Astral travels, cosmic quests, where we begin.

The heart chakra first opens wide,

Love flows freely, like the river's tide.

The third eye, a gateway to infinite wisdom's sea,

Unlocking secrets of the mind, where dreams roam free.

At the crown, the key to the cosmic world,

In Apophyllite's embrace, our essence unfurled.

Meditation's dance, in unity, we find,

Connected to creation in the grand design.

With elements of wind and water, it's blessed,

In healing's hands, a gem sought by the best.

In Reiki's tender art, it plays its part,

Transferring energy, unblocking every heart.

Oh, Apophyllite, poet's muse and sage,

In your soothing grace, we turn the page.

Photo By: paolo-nicolello-unsplash

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