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Earthly Roots, Steady Soul

A nurturer of Earth's embrace, Red Jasper's song is heard,

Balancing the dance of passion, a warrior's cherished word.

A shield against life's threats, it keeps the pulse in stride,

Cleansing the flow of life in its protective guide.

In couples' tender dance, it kindles flames anew,

A fiery tantra's courage, in passions, it imbues.

For focus and strength amid chaos' murky haze,

Endurance stone unwavering, igniting life's bright blaze.

For those who've grown numb, in search of sparks within,

Red Jasper lends its hand, igniting fires again.

Connected to the base, it grounds us to the core,

Stirring dormant energies from the heart to the soul's core.

Kundalini's serpent wakes, spiraling with grace,

From the base, it soars, igniting our soul's space.

To face the battles, bold and undeterred,

Red Jasper lends its power, where courage is conferred.

Photo by: ashim-d-silva-unsplash

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