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Fear of Change

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

At some point in our existence, we all have thought about starting over, changing a situation, leaving habits, or turning our lives around; Some people have looked for opportunities, and when they find them, they let them go; others WANT a change, but this only remains as a wish. For many of us, changes happen suddenly without wanting them, and we immediately reject them.

Thinking, seeking, and wanting change differs significantly from taking action and genuinely creating change.

Why is it so difficult to take that first step toward change or accepting changes in our lives? Why do we stop our desire to pursue what we want to achieve so much? Why do we let fear take control over us?

Fear drives our lives, and it is always present; when we think about our dream job, when we want to let go of a relationship that is affecting us, when we want to take that leap into the unexpected, fear is the denial and pessimistic internal voice, which prevents us from discovering the creative power that we all have.

Fear gives us that unhappy security of what is known, doubting that change could be better; What if the new job is even worse than the one I already have? And what if I stay alone? What happens if I don't like what I don't know? Fear is simply self-sabotage, distrusting ourselves and doubting our ability to create a better experience.

We are dreamers and creators by nature. Let's break all the stigmas that fear imposes on us and start building the life we ​​imagine, whatever it may be. Take risks; dare the unknown; remember that there are no mistakes; there are teachings.

Think about your dream. Feel it, live it, and go for it. Do not doubt. We deserve everything we dream of; life is short.

It is time to put fears aside, recover the creative power, and become what you want.

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