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It is time to scream, cry, break and transform.

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Rage, fear, and resentment are always related to negativity, but have you ever thought there is a positive learning from these emotions?

We know that everything is energy, including thoughts and emotions. Depending on the frequency at which those emotions vibrate, our energy will align with those feelings, reflecting our state of mind on everything.

We believe that fear, resentment sadness makes us weak; we shouldn't feel them and are forbidden to be shown. We constantly repress our emotions; we also ignore them, but at the same time, we hold into them. It's as if we kidnapped our feelings. We keep them in the darkroom and don't let them out, so we keep pushing them down, accumulating negative energy, until a point that the negative energy flourishes, invades and consumes us.

I invite you to embrace your emotion, even more to the so call "negative"; listen to them; they are talking to you. Having emotional relief is necessary, and it is healthy; it is entirely normal to feel sad, discouraged, envy, but don't wait until you can no longer carry the emotional burden that has taken over you or until you explode and lose your mind.

When you feel any of those emotions, be aware of what has brought you to that moment; If you need to cry, cry, or if you need to shout your anger, go ahead (I'm not saying you have to be violent). Listen to your feelings, express them respectfully and in a safe place, let them out of your system, and learn how the energy of these emotions influences you.

Don't let your emotion live your life; you decide if you keep the feelings and the

power attached to them or let them pass through you, learning from them, transforming them, and letting them go.

Photo by: Alexa Popovich

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