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Spirit's Fire Tamed by Gentle Waters

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Larimar, a gem of serene delight,

Promoting peace from morning to night.

A gift to mothers, through life's toil,

Easing the weight of life's turmoil.

Throat Chakra's jewel it sets you free,

Unleashing wisdom for all to see.

Healing hearts, where pain resides,

Dissolving blockages, love abides.

An antidote for extremes, it lends a hand,

Balancing moods, a rock on which to stand.

Relieving stress and calming the flame,

Bringing you peace, in its gentle aim.

It helps you see your inner truth,

Tackling your fears with wisdom, forsooth.

A cleansing balm for hearts that hide,

In its presence, your spirit will glide.

Throat Chakra's magic it helps you share,

Emotions and love for others to bear.

In Larimar's essence, you'll find a clue,

To respect, love, and nurture you.

Connected to goddess energy, Sea and Sky,

It helps you reconnect, reaching far and high.

Healing the Earth, where its roots have curled,

Bringing peace in this chaotic world.

Photo By: Sean-Oulashin-unsplash

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