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Sunset Dreams: The Hues of Orange Selenite

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Beneath the sun's warm, amber glow,

In the earth's bosom, secrets woe,

Orange Selenite, healing's dark embrace,

In its clutch, we find our resting place.

A natural hue, untouched by man's taint,

Hematite's impurities, a vibrant complaint,

With vibrations high and grounding's somber trace,

It leads us to a tranquil, sacred space.

Emotional scars it helps us to mend,

Self-esteem, anxiety, to darkness we will send.

Energy freed, barriers released,

A tranquil mind, a heart uncreased.

Connect with angels, spirits alight,

In Orange, Selenite's spectral sight.

Guarding against the looming blight,

Chakras cleansed a radiant light.

The crown and third eye, in shadows, ignite,

Awakening the spirit to realms of fright.

Stagnation dissolves as blockades sway,

To wisdom higher and a brighter day.

Now you grasp, in crystal's mystic might,

Grounding the flesh in the celestial night,

Cleansing, healing, a cosmic guide,

In its energy, eternally bide.

Photo By: Ganapathy-kumar-unsplash

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