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The Radiant Dawn: Golden Kiss

The golden glow of Citrine, the sunshine stone,

Incarnate summer, in your heart, is sown.

With lifting vibes, it ushers in the light,

Bringing blessings that banish the night.

A beacon of energy, it shines so bright,

Chasing shadows, welcoming the light.

Transmuting troubles, it takes their hand,

Transforming darkness into grains of sand.

Thyroid's guardian, it helps you find,

Balanced health, body, soul, and mind.

Citrine's energy, a pick-me-up so sweet,

Lifting fatigue from your weary seat.

For anger and tension, it's a gentle guide,

Releasing negativity like a rising tide.

Cracking open minds, confusion takes flight,

Depression and doubt step out of sight.

In the realm of manifestation, it weaves its spell,

Boosting self-esteem and confidence so well.

Your sense of worth, like the sun, takes flight,

Radiating warmth, embracing the light.

Creativity surges like a river untamed,

A vibrant gemstone for hearts inflamed.

Attracting joy, friendships anew,

Embracing life with every hue.

Linked to the Solar Plexus and the Sacral, you'll find,

Citrine's energy is gentle and kind.

Rooted, grounded, in power's embrace,

It keeps your spirit in a harmonious space.

The Sacral, where passion and joy reside,

Is nourished by Citrine, like a soothing tide.

With chakras aligned, it's your steadfast guide,

In its positivity, you'll safely confide.

Let Citrine be your shield, pure and bright,

Warding off the darkness, embracing the light.

With inner strength shimmering like a stream,

Life's hardships become a distant dream.

Photo By: Mathieu-bigard-unsplash

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