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Whispers in the Violet Depths

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

In the heart of this amethyst, a gem so fair,

St. Valentine's love, the Bishop's sacred share.

Ecclesiastical dignity, a silent grace,

A tapestry of fire and passion in this hallowed space.

Creativity and spirituality, like whispered prayer,

Intertwine in the violet depths, beyond compare.

Temperance and sobriety, its wisdom found,

In every facet of this jewel, heaven's ground.

Within its form, the higher mind does soar,

Expanding, unlocking, creativity at the core.

Protection from mystical intoxication's sway,

Amethyst guides us along the sacred way.

To the Divine, it forms a shining link,

High frequency radiates, clearing what we think.

A shield of Light around our spirit's frame,

Negative energy is repelled in its violet flame.

Third Eye, Crown, and Etheric Chakras it does enthrall,

Cognitive perception awakened like a silent call.

Intuition and psychic gifts it do inspire,

A wellspring of wisdom to which we all aspire.

Photo By: Matt-Houghton-unsplash

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