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Black Agate is a stone with various properties promoting courage and self-confidence. It's considered a talisman that brings prosperity and is believed to give athletes victory. This stone has the ability to connect the spiritual and physical realms seamlessly, grounding you in reality while stabilizing positive and negative forces, balancing emotions, and fostering equilibrium in your energy field. Black Agate also functions as a protective shield against danger. 

Moreover, Black Agate is known to alleviate bad dreams, dispel fears, boost self-confidence, and wipe away negativity. However, it's important to note that it only works in collaboration. Black Agate acts as a teacher and guardian, complementing your strength and willpower and offering ongoing support while empowering you to overcome hurdles on your own. It's a reliable companion on your journey to stability and self-reliance.


** This one-of-a-kind crystal with authentic stones, each uniquely different from the other. No two are exactly alike. Please note that the item you receive may have slight variations.


** Colors of the pendant you receive may slightly vary due to the lighting conditions at the time of capturing the photograph

Black Agate Pendant

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