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Experience the power of our Black Obsidian pendant. This formidable stone serves as both a shield and a guide in the journey of self-discovery, providing grounding and protection, especially when confronting uncomfortable truths.


This stone is for those who strive for spiritual growth and require courage to confront their inner shadows. It helps us accept reality and embrace our imperfections, providing clarity and strength to face life's challenges. It is a powerful tool for self-acceptance and transformation. Although it should be approached with care in cases of chronic depression, its mental benefits are profound. Black obsidian unveils truths, sharpens the intellect, and aids in problem-solving.


On a physical level, Black Obsidian promotes practical thinking. It is a steadfast supporter of those overcoming self-harm tendencies, promoting healthier coping mechanisms. 


** This one-of-a-kind crystal with authentic stones, each uniquely different from the other. No two are exactly alike. Please note that the item you receive may have slight variations.


** Colors of the pendant you receive may slightly vary due to the lighting conditions at the time of capturing the photograph

Black obsidian pendant

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