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Introducing the heart-centered crystal bracelet featuring the green aventurine. This stone symbolizes prosperity and positive transformation, which can help you gain confidence and take constructive action. By wearing this captivating bracelet, you'll experience a boost in confidence and optimism, emotional harmony, and self-assurance. 


The green aventurine radiates light energy that attracts good luck and prosperity, and it can help you navigate your emotions, replacing negativity with hope. It is also a talisman that can offer comfort in the heart and mental empowerment. It bolsters confidence for change and amplifies leadership skills while encouraging adventurous perspectives. 


This bracelet is associated with the Hearth Chakra and the Water and Earth elements. Charge it to invite prosperity, confidence, and balanced well-being into your life. It's an excellent talisman to wear during rehabilitation, too.


** Available in 6mm beads**

** Custom size up to 9” **

Green Aventurine Braceletes

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