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Discover the "Labradorite Worry Stone" bracelet, widely known for its calming properties and ability to alleviate worries. This enchanting crystal has been used to clear energy that no longer serves you and infuses one's life with wisdom.

Experience the transformative power of the bracelet and embrace the labradorite's positive influence. Infuses you with wisdom for reaching new heights Also kkown as “dragon’s Heart” which Symbolizes intense transformation.

Third Eye Connection: Linked to the third eye chakra, unlocking more profound intuition and inner wisdom Aura Protection against unwanted, negative energy and Repairs broken parts of the aura fields Inspires creative energy flow for artists and creators.

it is associate with the wind element  All Chakras


** Available iTumbled Chip Bead**

** Custom size up to 9” **


Grey Labradorite

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