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Introducing the breathtaking Opalite Pendant, a stunning fusion of the captivating Opalite, "a non-earth" crystal and the harmonizing energies of the 7 Chakras stones. This unique gemstone emanates youthful and optimistic energy, promoting a positive outlook while dispelling negativity. Its warm energy gives comfort to heavy hearts, providing support to those struggling with depression and mental health issues. Symbolizing new beginnings, Opalite brings clarity and lightness, relieving emotional burdens and boosting energy. 


* Opalite has a milky white or clear appearance that shimmers with light iridescence in shades of blue. Its true magnificence is best experienced in person. Photos only capture a glimpse.


** This one-of-a-kind crystal with authentic stones, each uniquely different from the other. No two are exactly alike. Please note that the item you receive may have slight variations.


** Colors of the pendant you receive may slightly vary due to the lighting conditions at the time of capturing the photograph

Opalite Point Chakra Pendant

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