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Pink Jasper is a transformative stone that empowers and inspires courage to overcome abuse and trauma. It provides balance, grounding, and pure joy. This gem can help you express your true self, unlock your vast potential, and motivate you to conquer challenges with resilience. 

When it comes to healing, Pink Zebra Jasper is one of the best. It is a calming and protective force that brings stability, especially in heart matters. When meditating opens both the Heart and Root Chakras, connecting you to the Earth, grounding you in the present moment, and helping you see others without judgment and love.

Embrace the lovely energy of Pink Zebra Jasper as it guides you toward harmony and self-acceptance. You don't need to fear showing your true self; this crystal invites you to be authentic without hesitation. It's an invitation to find your tribe, those people and groups who resonate with your authenticity, and to take the time to connect, shine, and live.


** Available in  8mm beads**

** Custom size up to 9” **

Pink Zebra Jasper

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