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Selenite crystal offers spiritual activation, aiding communication with the higher self, guides, and angels. It swiftly cleanses the aura, amplifying other crystals' energies.

Placing it on the heart chakra aids meditation. It promotes peace and clarity and unblocks energy, elevating the spirit and intuition. A potent space cleanser with high-frequency vibrations enhances manifestation and mental clarity, resonating with love and light.


Chakra: Third Eye, Crown

Element: Wind


* Sizes, shapes and shades may vary

* Spheres: Weights from  Approx 14g

Sticks:  10" long  weights Approx 317g 

* Tower: 6" high, weights 409g

* Wands: 6" long, weights 145g

* Worrie Stones:

* See pictures for reference

* Select yor size before adding the product to the cart.



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