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Sodalite is the most potent crystal that can effectively purify the body of toxic vibes associated with fear and guilt. It not only boasts of its aesthetic appeal but also empowers individuals to ascend higher by building their confidence, clarity, and emotional intelligence.


As a throat chakra stone, Sodalite enhances communication skills and boosts self-esteem. It's also  helps to cool fever and supports the healing process of the lymphatic system. Additionally, it clears mental clouds, allowing for logical thinking and problem-solving.


Sodalite, known as "The Poet's Stone," inspires eloquent communication and creativity, making it an ideal muse for writers. It acts as an emotional anchor, connecting with the grounding force of the earth and encouraging spiritual exploration. It enhances spiritual perception and serves as a gateway to enlightenment. 

It is associated with the eye and throat chakra and the element of wind.


** Available in 6mm beads**

** Custom size up to 9” **


Sodalite Bracelets

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