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As a cherished gem, we follow its trail

In the gentle sway of nature's dance, we find,

Green Aventurine, a gem of precious kind.

"The Stone of Opportunity," its name, we adore,

Lucky harbinger upon life's vibrant shore.

Optimism, a balm for the wounded soul,

Embracing change, making broken hearts whole.

Creativity, a spark, within it resides,

Motivation's fire, where inspiration abides.

Perseverance, a virtue it imparts,

In life's labyrinth, it guides our hearts.

Decisiveness, a quality it shall infuse,

Leadership traits, in its gentle ruse.

Earth's connection, strong and deep,

Nature's symphony, in its heart, does keep.

Vibrations soothing, upon the mind they play,

A dance with the Earth, in a harmonious display.

Vitality surges like rivers, they flow,

In children's minds, a bright, radiant glow.

For those struggling, with schoolwork's fray,

Destructive hyperactivity it gently sways.

In the realm of words, it offers a hand,

Aiding adults with scripts and keys to the land.

Overcoming clumsiness, it takes its flight,

With grace and elegance, it sets things right.

Nervousness, anger, the storms it'll clear,

The burdens of a hectic life, it'll steer.

Restless thoughts it quiets, sleep's sweet embrace,

In the vibrational field, it finds its place.

Emotional wounds help us mend,

Unravelling issues, where healing shall transcend.

Depression's weight, a burden it shall ease,

Unhealthy patterns in its gentle breeze.

A comforter, a healer, of hearts it shall sing,

The Heart Chakra's guardian, a sacred ring.

A shield from those who'd intrude and demand,

In Green Aventurine, our hearts take their stand.

So, embrace the whispers of Earth's grace,

In Green Aventurine, we find our space.

Prosperity, luck, and change it bestows,

In its gentle presence, our spirits compose

Photo By: David-bruyndonckx- unsplash

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