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The Calming Elixir

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

In the realm of stones, a masterful piece,

Howlite, gentle and pure, brings forth release.

A calming stone with wisdom as its core,

A gift for souls who seek to explore.

Its snowy hue, a canvas, pure and bright,

Reflects compassion, in every light.

Howlite's nature, a spiritual art,

For healing minds and soothing every heart.

Patience and perspective it does bestow,

To those who yearn for a mindful flow.

A constant stream of chatter it shall still,

To guide you on a tranquil, peaceful hill.

Its gentle vibes, like whispers on the breeze,

Connect your soul, and your consciousness appease.

With vision clear and awareness raised high,

Howlite empowers you to reach the sky.

For minds that whirl with monkeys in a dance,

Howlite brings silence, a peaceful trance.

In turbulent seas, it encourages calm,

Transforming chaos into a soothing balm.

For those who rush with anger's fiery might,

Howlite's coolness turns the day so bright.

Absorbing stress, it eases the tension,

Guiding us toward love and comprehension.

Even if your heart is not easily enraged,

Howlite's presence on your path is staged.

With strength to soothe and boundaries set,

It teaches anger's flame not to beget.

The crown chakra it yearns to engage,

Thirsty for wisdom on every page.

With the third eye, it forms a bond,

Revealing secrets, in mysteries, respond.

Howlite, a gem with spiritual grace,

In any voyage, in every space.

Welcome its tranquillity and the warm embrace,

As you find your purpose and your sacred place.

Photo By: Dhia-Eddine -Pexels

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