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Dance with shadows

In the realm where shadows dance, and energies entwine,

Smoky Quartz emerges, a healing force divine.

A symphony of calm, a melody for the soul,

Its metaphysical ballet makes broken spirits whole.

Embrace its grace as stress and anxiety retreat,

A mystical dance with emotions, an intricate feat.

Fear and negativity, held in the heart's embrace,

Are dispelled by the Quartz, leaving a tranquil trace.

A guardian of chaos, aware of earthly strife,

An anchor to reality, grounding us in life.

Closer to the Earth, it pulls us gently near,

Making dire energies dissipate, no longer to fear.

In the realm of healing, a neutralizer bold,

Detoxifying cells a story often untold.

Regeneration whispers in the crystal's sway,

As toxic energies retreat, allowing a new day.

The digestive symphony, a dance of mood and gut,

Smoky Quartz balances, dispelling every rut.

From external threats, it shields our mortal frame,

Radiation and smog, a protective flame.

Solar plexus, the hub, where energy aligns,

Smoky Quartz, a maestro, in subtle designs.

Lay upon the chakra, let the energies flow,

Unblocking, balancing, a subtle, silent show.

Dark hues of royalty, in history's embrace,

Smoky Quartz, a jewel adorned with grace.

Moving beyond pain, grief, and despair,

Guiding to higher realms, a conscious repair.

Transmuting negativity, a powerful skill,

Smoky Quartz, a guardian, a potent will.

Aura protector, transforming the dark,

A revelation of strength, an inner spark.

Break the chains of habit, patterns old,

Reveal the strength within, a story unfold.

In the face of adversity, stand tall and true,

Smoky Quartz, a companion, empowering you.

So let us dance with shadows, in the crystal's glow,

In the alchemy of healing, let our spirits grow.

Smoky Quartz, a poet in the language of stones,

Whispers of strength in inspirational tones.

Photo by: Viktor Talashuk - Unsplash

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