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"Luminal Echoes: A Selenite Reverie

In the realm of pure white light,

Selenite emerges a mystic's delight.

Encapsulated brilliance, a spiritual must,

Restoring auras in its cosmic thrust.

Slicing through air, a whispered grace,

Cleansing, recharging, in every space.

Favorite of seekers, negativity's bane,

In daily routines, its healing reigns.

Meditation's ally, on the third eye it lays,

Crown chakra adorned, where awareness sways.

Expansion unfolds, dreams interlace,

Conscious and subconscious, in its embrace.

Selenite guards, a natural shield,

Psychic attacks, it seeks to wield.

Transforming energies, chaos erased,

Protection grids, its strength embraced.

For sleep's sweet realm, a selenite guide,

Insomnia's intensity, gently untied.

Calm and clear essence, a sleep-state muse,

Mimicking peace, where tranquility ensues.

In meditation's dance, a selenite dream,

Deep into minds, its energies stream.

Unblocking chakras, a transportive flight,

Long-term balance, in its healing light.

Hemispheric balance, body's embrace,

Selenite whispers, illness to erase.

Worry stones cradled, stress gently fades,

Flexibility blooms, in spinal serenades.

Chakra whispers, high-vibration call,

Third eye, crown, soul star enthral.

Eighth chakra's secret, a treasure profound,

Selenite's frequencies, spiritual ground.

Metaphysical magic, calmness it breathes,

Peace and tranquility, as the spirit weaves.

Insight profound, wisdom from above,

Selenite's embrace, a journey to love.

In confusing times, a bigger view,

Selenite provides, the cosmic cue.

A stone of angels, communication's key,

Luminal echoes, in selenite's decree.

Photo by: Benjamin-Patin-unsplash

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